Toshiba 39L2300U 39-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

  • Automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.
  • Dynamic Picture Mode creates the right amount of “pop” and provides more colors, finer details, less visual noise and brighter, realistic pictures.
  • Scale up your gaming, movies and music on a home theater – with full 1080p high-definition video, and amazingly immersive surround sound.

The perfect size for a primary television or an extra-large master bedroom TV, the full HD 1080p Toshiba 39 class L2300U features an incredibly sleek and slim, energy-efficient, LED backlight design. It offers a multitude of gaming and entertainment features and technologies, like a full set of connections including three HDMI inputs for maximum versatility and Game Mode, ColorMaster and Dynamic Picture Mode for maximum contrast, clarity and color saturation. The ClearScan 120Hz feature doubles the refresh rate for clearer fast motion video. When it comes to audio, the L2300U features Audyssey EQ and ABX audio technologies for clear, well-balanced sound.

Just received this tv and noticed there are no reviews, This model must be new so I’ll be the first icon smile Toshiba 39L2300U 39 Inch 1080p 120Hz  LED HDTV The tv is great out of the box (not perfect) but great. The picture is decent but once dynamic mode is turned on, everything is pushed to the max without going overboard and at the same time, makes any other preset modes somewhat useless aka movie, sports, game and standard. I have the 39″ and the overall look is great, a very modern look and easy to setup. The tv boasts dynamic picture 1080P 120 hz refresh, usb and hd pc hookup along with decent sound as well. The only thing I really noticed I did not like after I adjusted the picture and sound settings to my liking is that unlike my previous Vizio. I can’t adjust this tv to smooth or true cinema motion to change the refresh rate to 120 or mimic it like my old vizio. The option is under the picture settings but its grayed out no matter what input I select or setting I use? This maybe due to the fact that none of the devices I have hooked to the tv via HDMI support 120 hz refresh (ex: standard dvd player, xbox 360 and basic digital cable) do not support a 120 hz refresh rate? I still have to try hooking my pc up via dvi to hdmi, not sure if this will work either and obviously this is quite a concern to me but not a deal breaker by any means. I really don’t prefer my movies or games looking like a soap opera but it would be nice to know I can select it whenever. I’ll be getting a newer Blu Ray player in a couple of weeks and will update then if I’ve been able to access the picture mode stated above. Other then that, there are plenty of hook ups (ex: 3 hdmi ports, 1 pc port, 1 USB port, both composite and component hook ups, digital audio and aux. for cable. The remote is pretty basic, all black with fairly large buttons and not much complication at all. I personally would prefer a snazzier remote but I dare not complain for the price which I am very happy with. Over all the tv is great if you’re looking for something a little bigger, nicer (maybe for a bedroom or small living room) easy to setup and use. Great picture and sound.

Toshiba l u inch p hz led hdtv1 Toshiba 39L2300U 39 Inch 1080p 120Hz  LED HDTV