Toshiba 24V4210U 24-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED DVD Combo Review

This is amazing for only $260 you get a amazing hd tv that is quick and looks great. It has holes for 2 hd cables,1 component cable,pc cable,audio cable and usd cable. It will not work with composite cables I know this because I bought this to replace my standard tv which was hooked up with only composite cables so this did not work with anything I had but it has a built in DVD player and I switched my DVR to hd so everything works.
Update: it works with composite cables you just have to go to settings and switch it from color stream to av cable.

Spin up incredible space-saving entertainment with Toshiba’s V4210U Combo TV, offering a built-in DVD player and a great way to enjoy great television in every room of the house. With its fully integrated design, ample 24-inch diagonal screen and 1080p Full HD resolution, this TV gives you the highest level of HD picture quality, plus more options for enjoying movies, programs, and gaming in places where space and clutter could be an issue — like kitchens and bedrooms. Energy-efficient LED back-lighting dishes out bright, sharp images and delivers the sleek, sophisticated styling that helps this TV fit any décor. And should the urge strike to connect other components, or plug in a PC, the V4210U is ready with a full jack pack of connections, including HDMI. Don’t disgrace your place with a second-tier or store brand set when you can easily afford something superior — the decades of innovation, extensive testing, and a fanatical attention to quality that make Toshiba, and this TV, the right choice for righteous home entertainment.This TV has a built-in tuner — simply connect an antenna to enjoy free local over-the-air broadcasts, including your favorite primetime shows in crystal-clear high-definition. With two HDMI inputs, you can easily connect a high-def cable or satellite box and a high-def video game console. And the 24V4210U’s gaming mode reduces controller delay, making it a great choice for gaming, too.

Bought this unit for a beach cabin and have had several comments on ease of use from guests and staff. The guests push all the remote control buttons on directv remote, then complain “the tv don’t work”. Have had no such problems with this tv yet. Picture is good and my only complaint would be the time to turn on is a bit longer than the old cathode tube tv this replaced, a few seconds till picture appears, no big deal. The tv is a very good value and will be purchasing a couple more very soon.

Toshiba v u inch p hz led dvd combo review11 Toshiba 24V4210U 24 Inch 1080p 60Hz LED DVD Combo Review