Sony KDL-60R550A 60-Inch 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV

  • Edge LED backlight for a bright picture & thin design
  • Lifelike movement with Motionflow XR 240
  • Receiver-less TV for DirecTV customers
  • Movies, music & apps w/ Sony Entertainment Network
  • Stream HD entertainment wirelessly with built-in Wi-Fi

I generally like Plasmas for their better picture quality (I already own 5 HD TVs and this is the 6th one). The only reason I decided to go with LED TV was there’s no 70″ Plasma in the Market. And my 60″ looks too small in my great room – possibly because of high ceilings. After researching Sharp’s 70″ TV I decided to wait for Panasonic to come up with a 70″ Plasma, but then Sony came out with this. It was decently priced, had 3D, there were no reviews. But I decided to take a chance – given Sony’s reputation. I must say I am not disappointed!


Overall Picture Quality:
Overall picture quality is good. I would say it is awesome given that it is not a Plasma yet Sony was able to produce brilliant blacks.

720p Quality:
Picture was not pixelated with 720p output from my Verizon box. I was able to see bigger picture without any quality degradation due to bigger size. It was really surprising. The picture was at least as good as on my 60″ Plasma on 720p.

1080p Quality:
I put in Avatar bluray movie and played it. I turned off all the lights to see how darks appear. Even with factory settings the result was amazing. After looking at the picture quality of this TV I can no longer argue with my friends that Plasma is superior than LED.

This TV uses passive 3D!!! And this was a pleasant surprise. I like passive 3D better than active 3D for two reasons.
1. In passive 3D TV produces two images at a time, while each lens in your polarized 3D glasses can see only one image which feeds different images to both eyes – resulting in 3D image in your brain. I like it because instead of glasses completely blinding your each eye one after the other some 240 times a second (active 3D), your both eyes just see different images – which I have found to put less stress on your eyes and brain.

2. Passive 3D glasses are cheap – these are the same one used in theaters. You can order around a dozen for less than 25 bucks. And they don’t need to be recharged and they are light in weight. Compare that to an active 3D glass where each cost a minimum of 50 bucks and you have to recharge them and they are not as lightweight as passive.

3D Quality:
Again, I restarted Avatar in 3D mode and the result was just WOW!!! My three year old daughter when walked across the TV I almost screamed that she is going to bump in the guy – but wait – the guy was in the movie. I am not kidding it happened a few times – that is when I noticed that 3D is just amazing – and it does have a pop-out effect usually experienced only in theaters. May be the screen size helped in producing life sized images.

Now the BAD:

Menu’s are not intuitive and has a slow response time. But I wouldn’t have given it 4 stars just for this reason. The reason I gave it four stars is that when changing resolution (i.e. when PlayStation goes from playing bluray video to home screen and back) the screen goes blank and TV stops responding to commands. I could still hear the sound but no picture. I have to turn it off and back on and I start to see the picture. This is most likely a manufacturing defect. I still have to contact Sony about it (as I just got TV last night). Will update the review when I have this resolved.


I had my PlayStation connected with an old HDMI cable which worked fine with my old TV. When I connected PlayStation to the new TV with the same cable I was able to see the menus and stuff. However when I try to play a 3D movie the picture would go blank and I would hear sound after long pauses. I remembered reading somewhere that 3D requires newer faster HDMI cables. I had some newer HDMI cables in my stash. So when I changed it everything started working. So if you are unable to play 3D movies try a newer (I think ver 1.4 is required but I am not sure – just google it) HDMI cable.

EDIT 5/7/2013:

My issue above was resolved by a call to tech support. I had to unplug both TV and Playstation while they were “on”. Then disconnect the HDMI cable, wait for one minute and then plug TV and Playstation back in. Connect the HDMI cable. This resolved the issue above – so I updated my rating to 5 star!

Sony kdl r a inch hz p led hdtv1 Sony KDL 60R550A 60 Inch 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV