Sharp LC-80LE857 80-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV

  • QUATTRON Color Technology: Exclusive Quattron color technology delivers a billion more colors, so you get a more powerful picture with brighter yellows, deeper blues, and richer golds. By adding 2 million yellow subpixels, Quattron creates a more realistic picture with greater detail and brightness — a feat that standard TV simply can’t achieve.
  • SUPER BRIGHT: A new high-brightness panel combined with an intelligent contrast engine, constantly analyzes the signal and enhances the brightness of the bright objects on the screen while maintaining the black levels on the rest of the screen. The result is a more brilliant, more contrasted picture.
  • AQUOS 1080p LED Display: Using photo-alignment technology that’s precision crafted to let more light through in bright scenes and shut more light out in dark scenes, the AQUOS 1080p LED Display with a 4 million: 1 contrast ratio creates a picture so real you can see the difference.
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate with AquoMotion 960: See sharper, more electrifying action with the most advanced panel refresh rates available today. AquoMotion, Sharp’s backlight scanning technology, quadruples the effective refresh rate to hit you with all the power that fast-moving sports and movies can deliver.
  • SmartCentral Smart TV with Dual-Core Processor & built in Wi-Fi: Sharp®’s intuitive Smart TV lets you quickly connect to your favorite content and instantly access apps like Facebook®, Twitter®, and YouTube®, plus streaming movies, music, games, and websites you love.
Love this TV so far. This version just came out in March and has the latest technology in parts. One thing to consider if you are a moviephile like me, though. Any letterbox movie Bluray or broadcast will have an irritating white line imbedded around the picture in dot by dot viewing mode. The only way to to correct this is to switch to zoom mode, taking half of the movie away with it . It has to do with what pixels are being displayed and what the TV detects. Sharps says it is in within the specs and that all letterbox movies should be displayed in full screen mode to remove the white lines. This sucks. If the movie is in letterbox , it’s for a reason. Zoom up Ben-Hur? Chariot scene is lost. My Samsung DLP TV never had this problem. Be warned, fellow moviephiles. Other than that, love the TV so far.
Sharp lc le inch aquos quattron p hz smart led d hdtv14 Sharp LC 80LE857 80 inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV