Sharp LC-39LE440U LED HDTV

I am very happy with the picture quality. The only thing I am bit disappointed in is the sound quality, but I think I am spoiled by the 46″ Sharp Aquos I have which has much bigger speakers. I could easily improve the sound by adding some external speakers, but it’s not necessary.
First of all I would like to thank the previous reviewer for the detailed report. However, I am not as impressed with the picture and it is probably just a matter of preference.

Cheap $315 at Buy Dig (but amazon wouldn’t price match since it was their ebay store)
Size: 39 inch
USB: music, picture, and video (it plays any video i can throw at it .avi, .wmv, .mp4) excellent
It works

skin tones weak even after alot of trial and error adjustment
viewing angle not great
gloss black frame not great
sound is very weak; like piezo electric speaker greeting card weak.

In my opinion this TV suffers from the same problem as all LCD TVs. Skin tones come out looking like a Giesha girl with way too much over glossed white powder. I have not seen an LCD TV at any cost handle this problem excellently. Conversely I have a Panasonic Viera Plasma as my main tv and it is far more “watchable”. So take this review with a grain of salt because i am definitely biased in favor of a Plasma over LCD. I did buy this tv and I am not going to return it because the Pro’s out weigh the cons.

I messed with the color settings for about 8hours trying to get an acceptable balance. Lessoned learned is disable the automatic back light adjustment because it will fight you on all of the other settings. I am using Warm color as a starting point and played with the backlight/contrast/brightness to get a good picture.

Sound is poor, there is no way around that but +20 on the bass and minus 20 on the treble will help to avoid sounding like a greeting card.

As stated in the pros above, the USB capablity is outstanding. It plays ever type of format i have tried and has good video control FF/RWD/Pause/Play capability with no lags. Better than feeding it through my xbox and very good picture quality on .MP4 formats. One system bug here although is that the “User” screen format does not work when playing USB video. You can select User but the menu is diabled to allow user adjust to brightness, contrast, etc. So you are limited to pre-set screen settings. Still great picture.

So summary: I did expect more from an “Aquos” series Sharp as far as a screen quality and I would have like to do a store side by side comparison to the Toshiba 39L22U, but very happy with the features and price.

Sharp lc le u led hdtv11 Sharp LC 39LE440U LED HDTV