LG Electronics 47LA6900 47-Inch Cinema Screen Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV

  • Access premium content providers like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube direct from your TV with the fun and easy to use Magic Remote.
  • LG’s Cinema 3D technology uses lightweight, battery free glasses to deliver an immersive 3D experience for movies, TV shows and gaming, all with amazing picture quality.
  • TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur. Now your TV can keep up with your fast- moving entertainment.

I previously had a very nice 42-inch plasma TV. It was 720p, no internet connection or apps, just a nice basic TV. When this 55-inch 1080p, 3D, SmartTV became available, I jumped at it. There are pros and cons, but overall, I like it a lot for what I normally do with a TV, which is… well… watch TV.

The picture is amazing. I mean jaw-droppingly awesome. I feel like I’m in the same room as the people I’m seeing on the screen. This technology is incredible, and the sound is quite good. I couldn’t move from the couch for the first day I had the TV. I played a Blu-Ray DVD, and the visuals were stunning. The TV was very easy to set up, and most of the controls were fairly intuitive. I didn’t have to consult the manual for most things. I quickly learned that I shake the “magic remote” to make the arrow cursor appear so I can use the “smart” features. (My cat loves that moving arrow cursor.) The remote has a nice feature where you hit the “back” button to go back to the regular TV input. I have checked out some of the apps, and I’m sure I’ll identify a favorite video streaming service and use this feature. I played a couple of samples, and they played beautifully. I also sampled a couple of 3D videos, which were a little freaky, but I guess you have to get used to that.

As another reviewer has noted, there is no Amazon app on this TV. I like Amazon Instant Videos and was looking forward to watching them on my big fabulous new TV. You can go through the Internet on the TV to get to the Amazon.com site and find your videos, but mine would not play. I tried the same thing with the internet version of another streaming app that I use on my iPhone (HBOGo), and it wouldn’t play the videos on the TV. I can connect to the YouTube content just fine through the app on the TV, so the internet streaming works on some platforms.

There are a few problems with the “magic remote.” Clicking the remote doesn’t always make the function work. At one point, I couldn’t get the remote to do anything, and I had to turn the TV completely off and start over again. One recurring problem is that clicking on a “fill-in box” doesn’t always bring up the keyboard. This model has a voice activation feature, but I haven’t found a good use for it yet. I can’t tell the TV to change the channel, because channel changing is a function of the cable box in my case, and the remote doesn’t control the cable box. I did try telling it to “return to Pandora,” meaning the internet radio app that I had been listening to a couple of minutes earlier. It connected me to the Pandora jewelry site. I tried again: “Go back to the Pandora app,” and the little avatar shrugged her shoulders at me.

The TV is supposed to be able to share content from your smartphone or your computer. The smartphone connection appears to be limited to phones with a certain feature that mine does not have. Sharing with the computer is done through a hard-wire connection, and I haven’t tried setting that up yet, but I have no reason to believe that would be a problem if I cared to invest in the necessary connectors.

So overall, I can say this is an excellent TV in terms of picture and regular TV viewing. I’m hoping that future software updates will fix the other issues.

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