JVC JLE47BC3500 47-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

  • Slim design with edge LED backlit
  • XinemaSound 3D acoustic and post processing technology
  • Brilliant image quality with 120Hz Crystal Motion & Crystal Color processing
  • Smart brightness control with ambient light sensor
I first seen this TV last year around thanksgiving on a “shopping channel” for 699.95 with six “easy payments”. I debated back and forth about making the purchase and waited too long as the shopping channel took away one of the easy payments and raised the price, and was charging almost 30 dollars extra to ship. So I decided to dig my heels in and wait for them to put it on sale again around Christmas, well it never happened, New Years, price never moved. Then last week I am cruising Amazon.com and I find the EXACT TV on sale for 529.00 and free shipping (Super Bowl sale). I couldn’t pull the CC out of my wallet fast enough and placed the order, and within 24 hours UPS is arriving at my door with the TV! Did I say I checked the free super saver shipping and it still arrived at my house in one day! The TV is perfect, sound quality and color are great, the only thing I found weird was when setting the TV up and adjusting color and other settings to my liking I found the volume would be great while watching something but as soon as it went to commercial the volume would blow you off the couch. This TV has an audio channel where you can use the factory presets or make adjustments, I tried everything but the volume when going to commercial was very loud. For some reason JVC put some other AUDIO controls under the picture setting controls and its under a sub-button called “advanced picture” click on it and you will find a button for Noise reduction and you can set it low-med -high. Set it to high and it will control the very large difference in volume between TV shows and commercials. Go figure. Other than that this is a really nice TV at a really nice price and free shipping to boot. Thanks Amazon!
Jvc jle bc inch p hz led hdtv1 JVC JLE47BC3500 47 Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV