Hd Hdtv Dtv Digital to Analog Converter Box

  • Converter Box Converts Digital Broadcast to your Analog TV
  • Receives Free Over-the-Air Digital TV Signals
  • Electronic Program Guide and Program Information
  • Auto Scan Finds all Digital Broadcasts
  • Flat Indoor Antenna Receives 1080i, 1080p, 720 signals

This is a HD HDTV DTV Digital to Analog converter box and flat design high gain antenna package that includes:
One Supersonic iKonvert DIGITAL DTV CONVERTER BOX Model # SC-55.
One FLAT design Digital HDTV/VHF/UHF/DTV High gain indoor Color TV Antenna Model ANT5

If you are struggling to get HDTV channels, this combo package will help you.
Did you know that having a high gain antenna will, in many cases, help you to enjoy digital
TV reception without the annoying freezing of a regular rabbit ears antenna

If like most people you still have and analog old style TV, you will be happy to know that by
using and indoor Antenna and a Digital to Analog Converter box will allow you to keep using the
older TV, and enjoy all the new HDTV programming available for FREE.

These units are easy to install so you can start to enjoy free HD HDTV programming.

Hd hdtv dtv digital to analog converter box1 Hd Hdtv Dtv Digital to Analog Converter Box